Scope of Bachelors in English Literature

Scope of doing Bachelors in English Literature

English literature is one of the most sought-after and versatile courses. It challenges your creativity, analytical thinking potential, and the ability to think out of the box. It provides a platform to showcase your opinion which would be acknowledged judgment-free since there is nothing wrong or right from a literary perspective.

The course can open numerous opportunities for you to be a diversified field where learning never stops! Let’s look at this course in detail:

BA in English Literature

It is a 3-year undergraduate course which deals with the various aspects of spoken and written English. It focuses on literary analysis and critical thinking of novels and poems from different eras like the Shakespearean Era and Victorian Era.

Some of the areas covered in this program are:

  • English Poetry- The Elizabethan to the Augustan
  • English prose- The Late Victorian to the Modern
  • American Literature
  • Shakespeare comedies
  • European fiction

It requires thinking beyond what’s written on paper and establishing a deep introspection. Critical and literary analysis is highly appreciated.

Career options after doing a Bachelors in English Literature

1) Pursuing a MA, M.Phil. or PhD. in English Literature
This career option is for students who wish to gain more knowledge in this area and explore the research field. This can further be fruitful for those who have a knack for teaching and wish to be a professor. These programs focus on advanced literary studies, particularly using analytical skills and research.

2) Pursuing Masters/Post Graduate Diploma in professional courses
There are many professional courses which can be pursued after Literature graduation like Mass Communication and Journalism, Law, Film and Media, Marketing and Advertising, Linguistics, and Visual Communication.

3) Pursuing an MBA
This career option is for students who wish to gain knowledge and practical experience in managerial skills and someday wish to start their own company. There are many disciplines to specialize in, like Finance, Marketing, Interior Designing, Business Management, etc.

4) Appearing for Government Examinations
One of the most common career routes followed by literature graduates is appearing for government examinations like UPSC to get a government job and eventually be a Gazetted Officer.

5) Start working or Freelancing
If you don’t want to pursue any further studies or sit for a government examination, then you can certainly start working in your field of interest. You can find a job in writing, editing, human resources, hospitality, PR, advertising, and translation (if you know a second language).

Areas of Employment

Being a literature graduate, you can get employed in almost every sector, except for the technical ones which require specializations.

Following are some most common employment areas:

  • Private sector
  • Government sector
  • Banks
  • Hospitality
  • Schools
  • Embassies

Job profiles for a graduate of English Literature

Although there is a huge scope in this particular field and an English graduate can find employment in almost any segment of the industry, these are some of the most common job profiles for a literature graduate:

  • School Teacher
  • Writer
  • Journalist
  • Editor
  • Public Relations (PR) officer
  • Content Marketer
  • Digital Marketer
  • Communicator
  • TV anchor
  • Blogger
  • Event Manager
  • Professional critic
  • Art developer/Manager

If you are a literature graduate, then you have a lot of open career options. Moreover, there is a lot of value for this subject owing to its requirement for critical and analytical thinking. Most literature students develop additional skills with respect to their career paths and area of interest.
Now that you have all the information, dwell into the world of literature, and witness the magic unfold!

Henry Maris | Secretary, Nazareth College of Arts & Science, Chennai.