The Nazareth Advantage

Call to bring a change

Compelled by the social urge, driven by the vision to inspire student community the Nazareth College of Arts & Science was established during the year 2000 at the outskirts of Chennai, Avadi with non-conventional job-oriented courses. “Bridging beyond boundaries” being the moto of the institution, the management is keen to fulfil its commitment to the society by bringing in a change in the perspective of every student of Nazareth.

The Seven Advantages:

1. Unmatched Infrastructure
The college has sprawling campus of about 5 acres of land and ergo dynamically designed classrooms with state-of-the-art computer laboratories. The campus has a multiple sporting facility to accommodate all sports and games. The college has well laid 200meter athletic track. The classrooms go global as they are digital and have wi-fi access. A mini gym supports the students to stay fit and confident.

2. Teaching & Learning Process
The college has developed its own best practices in teaching learning process. Every practice focuses towards student centric approach and the needs of every student is addressed according to his/her ability to learn. Multiple strategy and different methodologies supported by ICT are used to deliver of academic content. Much emphasis is given to make every student to obtain graduation.

3. Continuous Professional Development
The College has set up a coaching and mentoring system for every student during the course of study. Each student is associated with a mentor to help him/her grow and move towards achieving life goals. Different programs like personality development programs to add value to self, opportunity to work in innovative incubation centers like Nazareth Business Learning Center (NBLC) that identifies entrepreneurial skills and compulsory exposure to respect & serve the community through extension programs, help every student in overall development.

4. Partnership
Success of the college lies in bringing industrial partners to the institution. Nazareth College has tied up with more than 20 plus industries that brings various short term courses in Information Technology, Commerce & Trade, Banking & Finance and Art & Culture to provide the market knowledge and make every student “Employment Ready”. This supports in increasing the percentage of campus placement. Nazareth records about 70% of campus placements every year.
An opportunity is also provided to students who wishes to have academic/cultural exchange with universities in Malaysia, Indonesia and Germany for one to three weeks.

5. Innovations.
Nazareth believes in continuous innovations and helps students to get involved in different projects. NBLC is an innovative incubation center that helps students to learn entrepreneurial skills, apply managerial authorities and manage finances. The students do have an option to earn money as they pursue their course.

6. Sports & Cultural Life
Nazareth gives equal importance to sports & cultural as to academic & placements. Every student would have an opportunity to get engaged in sports or cultural according to his/her interest. Various sports and cultural events are organized to develop and harness their skills.

7. Social Responsibility
Nazareth understand that we don’t need educated individuals but a socially responsible citizen to build nation. Every student is involved to understand the neighborhood, serve the needy and to support social change. Nazareth College join hands with Central/State Govt, Voluntary Organizations to teach every student his/her social responsibility.

These Nazareth Advantages are offered to every student who join us. Nazareth do not just provide education but help every student identify their purpose in life.

Dr. Mary Angeline, Principal, Nazareth College of Arts & Science, dt. 19.04.2020